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Dear women, STOP! Your safety matters!

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Dear women, STOP!  Your safety matters!

Ladies, this post is for YOU.
Too many times I see you doing (and I will plainly state) 'dumb shit', that can attract unwanted attention to your person.

Criminals do not care who you are.

They dont care if you are pretty and nice.

Do what you can to protect yourself from these elements.

Here I will list three of those dumb things I see some of you do.
Some you may agree, disagree, fol' up, click off the post, but I honestly don't care.

Your safely matters.

My Three Peeves

  • The classic - Large phone in back pocket.

I cannot tell you how many times I see this in public, whether it is at the mall or the middle of Charlotte Street.

Is it a show off thing?

Why must you have your expensive cellular device hanging out your ass??
It is soo easy for anyone to pass and grab it!
I constantly have to tell young ladies to put their phone away. When I explain, its like common sense just activated.

Please secure your phone in your purse. I cant believe in 2019 I have to share such advice.
Put it away.

  • Your choice of wear

Before you so-called feminist come for me with the "women can wear what they want", have several seats and be quite.

A week ago I was waiting for a maxi around 8:30pm. Canefarm at this hour is still busy but pedestrian traffic is sparse. A buxom young lady passes by with a short pants I can only refer to as a boy shorts panty, with cheeks hanging out.

The 'piper' begging but the corner, gets up, grabs his crotch and briskly walks behind, while calling out to her.

As she hastens her steps, her buttocks look more animated; mind you Mr. Piper is fixated.

Rapist and perverts don't care if you dress sexy for yourself, they lust after what they can see and will do whatever to harm you.

No one said you cant be sexy.
Time and place.

  • Talking all your business in public

Here we go with the telephone thing again.

John Public doesnt need to know who you are, where you are going, where you live or what you will be doing next week.
I am sure you may have been privy to loud conversations while in public transportation, in the gym, the grocery or anywhere.
By the time you get to your stop, you leave feeling like you have known the person for 10 years.

Ladies desist from doing this.

You never know who is listening and watching you while you travel or just in public.

If you receive a call that requires you to reveal personal information, kindly inform the caller that you cannot speak at the moment and will return their call.

Have a juicy story about Aunty Marlene and the next-door neighbor? Wait till you reach home.

Are you a business woman, constantly on the phone with clients and making business calls?
Try your utmost to not speak about money or clients' names and addresses directly. You cant always help where you are, but please be vigilant of your surroundings.


I encourage you to add your list of peeves in the comments below. Of course there are others, but to me these are the three that I see quite often.

I dont write this to offend, however, we have to be sensible about the things we do ladies.



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