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Shades of Melanin - Ep 2 - Getting to know Wholesome You

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Shades of Melanin - Ep 2 - Getting to know Wholesome You

This weeks 'blogisode' is about a young lady I met a few years ago at a hair event. Skip forward to 2017 and her brand Wholesome You, has a wide range of natural hair and skin products to suit your needs.
As you know from my last blog entry I did an initial review on 3 of her brand new hair products. If you havent read it yet, CLICK HERE.

Meet Giselle Bobb, CEO,founder and maker of Wholesome You products.

  • So Giselle, how and why did you start WholesomeYou?

I started Wholesome You after a good friend of mine developed a skin irritation. I formulated a skin lotion and I made sure that the ingredients were organic and pure as possible and thankfully it worked for her. I decided to start making products for my hair as nothing else worked for me and soon after word spread about my products and Wholesome You was born.

  • What do you love most about your business?

I love formulating. Putting together a product takes time, lots of research and testing but seeing a finished product come together always makes me very happy.

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Every time a customer comes back happy is a accomplishment for me.

  • In Trinidad people complain about customer service frequently. How important is it to you?

Customer service is very important to me. I try my best to get back to every customer quickly and answer any queries as best as possible.

  • What do you love most about your natural hair?

I love the texture of my hair. For me I feel like I can do many styles with it and the end result always looks good.

  • You make so many amazing products! What is your personal favorite and why?

Good Question! My personal favourite would be the Amla + Horsetail Twist and Seal Butter. I am always in awe with how much that product softens my hair till this day. (I am low key interested in this product!)

Editor Fun Fact! The first WY product I ever tried and first bought was the Banana + Hibiscus Deep Conditioner. Pictured on right.

  • I am a makeup artist, so tell me your holy grail makeup item!

I don't usually wear makeup (seals eyes with hands lol!!). But I do love a good lipstick every now and then. My favourite lipstick is from Colorpop Cosmetics and I mix two colors together to get a shade I love. They called Limbo and Avenue.

  • Do you have any hidden talents? Do share!

I would say Photography. I wouldn't say that I'm a professional photographer just yet but its something I'm very passionate about.
By the way Giselle takes her own product photos!

  • For anyone thinking of starting a homemade based business, what advice would you give to them?

My advice for anyone thinking to start a business is to just start! Everything will fall in place as it should. Trust the universe and trust the process.

  • Where do you see you and your business in the future?

I see me and Wholesome You continuing to provide a wide range of reliable, organic and always handmade hair and body care products.

Personally I cant wait to see what else Giselle whips up with those talented hands of hers!
I do urge you to go check out her social links and get your hands on her fantastic products!
You can find her on:

Facebook: WholesomeYou

Instagram: wholesomeyounhsc

Twitter: wholesomeyouhc

Etsy: EtsyShop!

Contact Info: 1-868-318-7453

Look out for next weeks blogisode with another melanin sister!
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XOXO Shaina!

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Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown is a Caribbean woman from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a beauty writer, advisor and Makeup Artist on a mission to help the average woman not be the 'typical woman'.

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